Thicker Than Water

The Plight of Lord Nevin I

Watch that first step...

Each member of the party has just returned from a hard day of scouring the city, attempting to locate someone that is willing to pay for the group’s unique… skills. A rumor has reached Ace’s ear, that a certain Lord Nevin needs assistance. The request is vague, to meet his man, Damon Sereta, at the Halfling’s Luck – a nicer tavern that is known for hosting honest games.

Once at the Halfling’s Luck, Ace and Rikus spot Damon in the corner, attempting to be discreet while watching the rest of the patrons. Kurian is happy to be in an establishment he is familiar with and quickly orders a tankard of ale. Ace decides to “enlighten” Kurian’s mood by praying to his deity, Gozreh, and bestowing Light on Kurian’s ale. The large man is surprised by the amazing beverage and drinks it in one gulp.

Meanwhile, Garr, Rikus, and Ace speak with Damon. Lord Nevin’s agent is quiet and always keeps his eyes on the tavern. After signing a document that swears the group to secrecy, Damon speaks openly about the dilemma that his lord faces: someone has kidnapped his daughter! Three days before the new Steward of the Land is to be selected, Lord Nevin being one of those choices, his daughter was spirited away, with the promise of her safe return if Nevin were to remove himself from the choices. Lord Nevin is an honorable man, one that may actually do some good in this growing city. He feels strongly that he can change Fallston for the better. Hoping to succeed on both issues, he has requested that a group investigate his daughter’s disappearance, find her before the stewardship selection is made.

Damon supplied Ace with one hundred and fifty gold marks, to help cover expenses during their investigation. The only lead that Damon can give them is that the other three lords have equal footing in the stewardship consideration.

A plan is quickly decided upon, that three letters will be dispatched to each lord. The letters will vaguely inquire if the lord wishes to be a part of a plan to blackmail Nevin by kidnapping his daughter and thus ruining his chances of becoming Steward. They arrange to meet in an alley outside the Tooth & Nail, a dirty inn located south and west, where crime is more commonplace.

Ace follows an agent dispatched from Lord Yavessk Damial. Kurian trails after a messenger from Lord Shass Forr, while Rikus is after someone from Lord Seena El-theriam. Garr stands ready in a room at the Tooth & Nail, overlooking the dark alleyway.


There is a more to come, and I will clean this up a little too…

The Plight of Lord Nevin I

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