Quick witted halfling, with a sharp blade as well as a sharp tongue.


Otifire started out as a quiet pickpocket in the capital city, earning what he could as a young one. An opportunity presented itself and he somehow found himself on a river barge, heading towards a small logging community called Falcon’s Hollow. Another young man on the boat was a warrior named Rikus that was easy to talk to and enjoyed throwing dice. The two decided to work together when they reached their destination, not as loggers or laborers, but as adventurers. Neither wanted to be tied down to a boring life at a lumber mill. Otifire wanted to see the world now that he had a taste of it, and Rickus was not good with an axe so he followed along.

However, once at Falcon’s Hollow the two were separated. Otifire never saw Rikus again, but he heard the lanky human had gotten into a bar brawl somewhere and chased out of town. Otifire has been tracking Rickus since then, he owed the halfling for that last dice game.


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